Thursday, July 17, 2008


From raw materials such as paprika, tomato and things like that you will create something. Step by step, cut by cut you get closer to the final end. With each move the minute when you lean back with full stomach is approaching. But the whole method have to be organised. Otherwise you will lose time and probably the meal won't taste that good. Keep in my mind all vegetables and fruits have to be grown somewhere.
The "grey" weekdays are the product of forgetting this. That you can only be a whole person if you see and want to see those small little things which make life round. The smile from the shopkeeper, (even if it's part of the job) the playing children, the end of the work, the pleasent home, the task you will have to do (and will do) and the ability of recognising and grabbing the possibilities around you to lean back with the full stomach at the end of the day.


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

Was this cooking time in Nantes?

You should be back in Hungary (or going backthere), new experience, new and different senses. Trying to compare itwith the Erasmus... I could easily cry while reading your posts, but I will be strong thinking that the most special things will be repeated again.

A big hug!

Vic said...

No, it's a cooking in Hungary. A meal called Lecsó (Lexo in catalan letters)
Yea, it was a small snapshot of Erasmus again... HOw is it to be back? Above the paella days? :)

vero said...

annyira tipikusan tartod a kést!:P

anyway I like your ideas just as always...
welcome back home, I've just realised how much I missed our little viktorka!:D

Vic said...

Most mér?

Yep, and I'm expecting a huge Vera-hug!