Monday, September 1, 2008

Falling cigarette

Party, music, kisses, dance,
Music, party, dance, kisses,
Kisses, dance, music, party,
All around me.

Standing near a column I understand that looking for a meaning in everything is hypocratic. Sometimes switching of and letting yourself with the waves is the right thing. I take a last sip from the beer and give myself back to the wild night.
The last gulp from my cigarette was hard and painful before I threw it away.

photo: Cigarette by hellagangsterx

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Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

Were you smoking?

Last months it is almost impossible to look for a meaning for everything. Just laying on my bed and thinking. Reading some books and trying to find a piece of my life there. Reading Foreign Policy to understand the world.

THANKS for your recommendations/feedback!

A big kiss for you!