Thursday, October 2, 2008


Do you know the feeling when you get on the train, choose a cabin where there are 4 other people and you feel uncomfortable? You have disturbed their personal space.
A few minutes later the next stop comes and another passanger enters the cabin. Now he is THE stranger and HE is the one who has disturbed YOUR personal space.
You get off at the next station. From A you got to B. You have progressed via the train driver's effort.
From the view of the train-driver nothing happened. It was just a stop and he still got 5 hours of work with unfaced passangers and same stations.
We all have train drivers in our life and sometimes we become one of them. And sometimes even the train driver needs someone to get him/her from A to B.
To progress and to see the difference between passangers and stations.

Photo: Handrail by fernangi


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

Now, I would like to be one of those expressionless passengers and to be strangling this black plastic. I would like to know what was thinking the person who did the same than me the day before.

Maybe, we are not the anonimous person we believe...

~Arzero Luna~ said...

I like this picture so much.. nice..