Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"What is the song that gives you the most?"

My flatmate asked this question a few weeks ago. My reply was a knee jerking reaction: Amargo Amanecer by Tomatito. It took me another few weeks to start thinking about my answer. Why? What is so special about this song? Although I knew the reason, it was hard to admit.
If the online translator were right the title means "Bitter Dawn". What I really admire in this song is the energy it carries all over the 4:55 minutes. From the very beginning there is a temptation which inspires me. The returning and at the same time ever-accompaning guitar prepares the ground for the blast that happens at 3:24 but this strong spill of energies do not stop and when the sounds of the violins -for only 3 seconds- scramble in, I go crazy.
Though the reason that this song gives me the most is the particular memory I connect to the peak of it. It raises the question whether your favourite song defies you or not. I guess it is.

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vero said...

...great, now, I see what you meant;)