Monday, February 1, 2010

2 candies

2 candies fell out from my laptop bag when I lifted it up. Normally I keep it in the corner and only move it when I prepare for going home.
As I watched them flying and twisting towards the floor, I saw the way you put them to the table, then a minute later, how you started throwing them around the room just for fun and how you were trying to hit the switcher to turn the light off. I saw myself in the freezing cold waiting for you in the bus stop, I saw your/our city during night, the lights of a capital and the temptation of the endless possibilities. There's no need to deny it I missed you in that moment.

I wished they had been mirrors to break into numberless pieces so that the feeling might have gone as well. They might have been so small that I could have just ignore them but no, the 2 candies were definitely there. And they hit the ground.
Travelling through the city, it's still amazes me. One day I will return and call this city "home". Until then, I eat the candies and enjoy them.

Photo: Chocolate by rawscientist

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