Monday, March 1, 2010


- You ok?
No I'm not. I feel that I'm ovewhelmed, burned out and pretending that everything's fine for me. My batteries are running low and I can't find the charger. I'm jealous, desperate and alone. I want to cry for help, but too proud to do that. I want to talk, talk, talk, ask questions, and hear the ultimate answer, believe that what I'm doing is the right one, and that it will be rewarded. I want a morning to share.
- I'm fine, you?
- Pretty well, thank you.

Photo: Imposed Captivity 2 by Contrastique


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I like this post! Some times, this feeling becomes exactly as you describe it...

Vinz said...

That's curious, all people always is fine, like a brave new world by aldous huxley!

Anonymous said...

Your text fits my photo. Thank you for telling me about the use of it. I like the feeling you're describing and it's very fitting for this world indeed.