Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up and Down

Back and Forward. Putting huge amount of energy into something is dangerous. On the track you can easily burnout if success doesn't come as fast as you think you deserve and you will be nothing more than a Titanic. Or another idea can come and disturb you. Or just before the final movement the realization comes; you have been cheated. All the time.
Swings are the symbols of life. You take a big dash and for a moment everything is possible. Even that you miscalculated something. One last deep breath and go! But sooner or later the power runs out and you stop in the air with a despaired look (what have I done wrong?). A second later you find yourself even farther from your start. You can start it all over again with the knowledge that you will come back.
But you can jump out of the swing and live your own life.


BB said...

I love the way u think about life! Dont change! ;)

Vero said...

one of my favorites...maybe because of the old time memories from childhood...having fun on the surface...but serious worries and efforts in deep...nicceee:D