Monday, March 31, 2008

Day of misunderstandings

After the work of Friday afternoon I arrived home tired and exhausted and for some reason I had this strange feeling, called guilt. I didn't know why, it was just there.

Saturday morning I got up and started doing my things. I had several options for that day and all of them were promising. I arranged some kind of "date" around 6. Nothing special, it would have been just one meeting with a new person. After half an hour of late she finally arrived and gave a detailed expression why she couldn't come. It was a nonsense.

Ok, no worries, keep it cool, "keep it gangsta" I made up that I would invite someone who I owe a dinner. I called her up, but oops, no ingrediants in the shop and it was saturday night, almost everything closed, so another call; let's postpone it.

I didn't want to spend my dinner alone (I managed to do something from those things I had) so I called another friend but she totally misunderstood the whole "dinner thing" and the night turned out to one "I don't want anything from you" intellectual speech.

What could I do? Clapped my hands, tapped my shoulder, smiled and went left from the stage. Curtain down.

Flowers to the changing room please.

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Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I can't believe that a girl refuse your invitation. Come here and I'll accept a capuccino time!

Sometimes you can feel gilty, or that everything is wrong. but it's just your perception. I'm sure that it was just misscommunication (I know you are harmless, or innocent, I don't know which is the best word for the situation).

I'll be very angry with you if you are creating misscommunication around the word (what are you studyng....?). I'm joking! :p

A big hug!

P.D.: yesterday, I was talking with Ana about you (nice things).