Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some say life is unfair. I say I don't know.

2 weeks ago many friends of mine rushed to help me although I did not ask for it. But opportunities were just falling into my hands like letters in automn, softly as the early sunshine in March, and I grabbed 'em.

The next week my world fell apart right in front of my eyes. I was unable to do anything, could not concentrate on things and was living in a different world. Even my phone broke. The wake-up call was a failure on an exam. A destructive party with the ones who mean a lot for me, and now everything back to it's original track.

Fresh, Fully determined, Self-confident and positive.
Next week? Come and I kick your ass!

That's the balance.


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I hope that your lack of concentration was not because of any book.

It always the same, when something goes wrong, then everything goes like that. But you know, things come back to their place when you don't realize. You always act giving your best, so you will get the same, be sure.

Don't be destructive Vic, please.

A very big hug is going to Hungary.

Vic said...

Thanks for the nice words. They always reach their aims. But if I pass that exam, there will be another destructive party. :D
Always in my mind!
Hug is arrived and sent it back... With a thousand other hugs.