Sunday, May 25, 2008


What does my love mean to you
if you no longer love me?
We should not dwell
On love that is past

I was your life's desire
One day long ago
Now I'm history
I can't face the change

If only we could make
our dreams come true
If only you would love me
as you did twenty years ago

How mournfully we watch
a love that ebbs away
heartlessly a part of the soul
is torn away

Lyrics: Buena Vista Social Club - Veinta Anos (Translation)
Picture: Clean
©2008 *Eliara


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

Love... you never know how it will be few years later.

That's a right fragment, just some simple words to explain such a complex feeling or phenomenon. You always know how to choose the best piece.

Hugs for you!

Anonymous said...

Missing you..

It’dawn again. I slowly wake
And instantely I look for you
I strech my arm but you’re not there,
I wake again, but without you.

I still feel your scent, the smell
Of your hair, your skin.
I feel your breath, kissing me,
I hear your voice calling me and
I scream,

But You don’t hear it,
You’re a thousand miles away,
Gone, into oblivion, into

And I’m still in bed, lying, waking
With the morning Sun.
I can’t seem to move, to breathe
Knowing that you’re really gone.

I take a breath, it’s painful
Inhaling your memory.
Breathing in your sweet smile
I close my eyes and slowly

I do get out of bed and it
Hurts that eventhough
I love you
Wth every fiber of my being,
You’re gone, you won’t be back
And I do have to breath, here, alone…

Anonymous said...


It’s the pain you feel every moment
You think of him.
The gutt-wrenching feeling
When you’re a part.
The irrepressible smile you
Have on your face
When you just heard from him.
The balming effect he has on you,
Any second of the day.

The suffering you feel
When he doesn’t reach you.
The happiness that comes
Over you when he’s around.
The feeling of insecurity
when he’s just leaving.
Love. Tricky. Gets you.
Every time…

Vic said...

The 2 previous poems are from Mona. Say thank you for her for her wonderful works!