Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Reconstruction is the era in the life of the United States when the government was focusing on repairing the after-effects of the Civil War.
Just like in history we all have an age of reconstruction from time to time in our life. There are different types of it. Sometimes fixing some elements is enough, the other time a few parts is needed to be changed and there are those occasions when destroying the whole building is inevitable.
The fall is spectecular and loud, the smoke it causes is stifling, the tiny parts of the smog enters your lung and for a while breathing becomes hard and painful. The building site is full of with ruins, once called "home". A bodeful dark age rises from the ashes with brutish raiders who know no mercy.
And you love it and think you deserve the wild nights, the things you allow yourself to do. However you hurt others.
From the very first and smallest sand dusts the reconstruction begins. There will be a strong castle again which will stand the test of time.
With the experiences you gained but without the parts of the old-castle.
Photo: The building site by Kiwishake

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