Friday, November 14, 2008


"It's feeery simple" said my Dutch football coach whenever he explained something complicated. Without recognizing he invented the name of a new lifestyle; Simpleism.

Simpleism is the very simple and comfortable way to survive your days. Remember that any kind of sacrifice is forbidden and not welcomed thus it's in vain. There is always an ordinary and accepted way to deal with things.

Why build a house if it can be bought? Why do physical exercises if fitness can be bought? Why change something if it can be ignored? Why have a desire if it's hard to reach? Why think about yourself it it hurts? Why follow your heart if it's unusual and unappropiate for everybody else except you?

See? It's very easy! As easy as letting a rose die on a working desk.

So simple that there's no photo this time.


tilc said...

hi there!
I was reading your blog, the hungarian one, and started to feel 'I have' to talk with you. lol
If everything will work out fine, I'll go to the Netherlands by erasmus and you have nice experiences over there. Would you like to chat on any IM software?

Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I don't let roses die on a working desk. I always let them during some days and when they are dry, I look at them, try to find a meaning and put them on a kind of bookcase. So then, I keep them during years and years.

Vic said...

Dear Tilc!
Jóhogy, szívesen adok tanácsot, csak mostanság nem vagyok netközelben. Írj egy mélt, aztán válaszolok. Hova mész amúgy?
Was nice to read your comment. As always.

tilc said...


Nem találok sehol se mail-címet vagy láma vagyok :)

Vic said...
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tilc said...

Köszi a mailcímet, írtam most egy tartalmasabbat.
c u

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