Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm listening to that song again

Too early to think, too early to explain,
Too cold to freeze, too cold to remain.
I'm listening to that song again.

Hard the truth is
That I do miss
Those moments in vain.
I'm listening to that song again.

Wicked waves of the ocean
Tells me an emotion
Of summer in Spain.
I'm listening to that song again.

Time to run against the wind,
to learn how to live with new situations, new environment.
And I'm listening to that song again...

Photo by mattonime


Anonymous said...


Tell me, you don’t love me.
And I’ll stop thinking of you.
Tell me, I mean nothing
And I’ll go away.

Tell me, you never loved me
And I’ll try to forget you.
Tell me, you don’t care,
I’ll turn my head away-

I’ll tell you, I still love you.
Never really stopped.
I’ll tell you, you mean the whole world,
There you stand, on the top,

Looking down at me, I can feel it,
Every moment, your thought’s still mine,
You’ re still in my dreams and understanding…
And I will let the Sun shine.

From Mona

Vic said...


Nice to see that there's still someone who reads me. However I'm taking a long gap...
Welcome back Mona missed your lines!

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

„Ten things I hate about you”

I hate that just the thought of you makes me smile.
I hate that just thinking of you makes me cry.

I hate that you have your ways to pull me up
And with the same move
You can pull me down..

I hate that I can’t ever get you off my mind
And it kills me that that all I do is thinking of you

I hate that you make me feel so special
Then you turn around and

Go away and I just stand there,
Waiting for you.

I hate that you have the sweetest smile
And I can just look in your eyes

Hating how much I still love you
And you, still oblivious to me,

Not even knowing that I exist,
You Being my friend, yet never-ever

Attainable, just are there,
Not knowing about this love-hate


And I hate that I can’t tell you that
I Hate you
I Hate you
I Love you…

From Mona

Vic said...

My mysterious comment maker again! It is a sweet think to read such thinks. :)