Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some words about Christmas

I'm too young to appreciate Christmas.

There are several thought about its importance the one I hear most of the time is the Holiday of Family and Love.
Thank God I'm living in a normal family without alcoholism, child beating and disease problems. I wish I could say it is normal but as I look around myself I have to admit that this is The exception. So for me, Christmas is just another day with presents.

These had been the thoughts of mine until the evening arrived.

And then and there, in front of the christmas tree with the Youtube playing religious and traditional Christmas songs, something happened.
In me.

Photo by Alorn

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vero said...

wow...for a moment I had some little itchy feeling of having Christmas Spirit all around; smelling the sweet honey cookies and pine, and that delight when all the family is together, after the whole year of robotwork and grey weekdays, and oh yess...the presents are waiting there unwrapped...*_* - although outside it is that well-known grey-nothing-special-freezing-rainy night...and so the moment is gone...but was here for a while:D