Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Shaving is a
The whole process begins with the annoying scratch in your mind that it is the point where you can not postpone it anymore. A homeless neanderthal man has a better look than that guy over there in the nirror.
Once you've prepared yourself mentally the next step is to do it phisically. By taking out the shaving foam, the aftershave and the shave itself you armour your soul just like a Spartan women equips her son 'Come home with this shield or upon it' - No turning back now.
For a funny minute even Santa's elves would think that you are their boss. Take the shave, look into the mirror and ask the poetic question one more time: 'Do I really want it?'
After the horrors of one minute or two the aftershave is like a brand new chilly fresh air.
The hair of the past week is removed. A new timing has just begun!

I wish some things could be as easily shaked off as a shaving.

Photo from http://oldmanyellsatcloud.deviantart.com/art/Somehow-Somewhere-77851751 by oldmanyellsatcloud

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vero said...

oh my god!!!is shaving really that big deal?:P
anyway, I get it...though I'll never know how it feels:D