Monday, March 2, 2009

A sleepy morning

There's a nice, small, busy university buffet not far from the place where I work. It's really nothing. Some stressed out furniture from the Soviet times and a few wooden desks without chairs. The lady behind the bar is the kind of middle aged women, I guess, with two children and a husband. As I said it's a pleasent place.
And their capuchino tastes crap. I think it's partly because the antique coffe machine and partly because I got coffe instead this morning but in the same size as a capuchino. I drank it however my face was bitter than a big box of lemon.
2 minutes later I found myself worringly enthusiatic and was extremely interested basically about everything. I wanted to ask every people on the street;
Where are you from, what are you doing, do you enjoy it, do you like this day, how old are you, do you do sports regularly, where did you buy that, oh I like that place too, what do you think about recent stimulus packs given to economies in order to restart European blood circulation? Who, what, why, how, when and where?

A day starts with a coffe!
Coffe, I llllove you.
Addicted? Definetely.
Care about it?

Photo: Coffe by Liquid Essence

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