Sunday, December 27, 2009


There's a thing I don't like about puzzles (besides that I suck in it). No matter how you solve the actual picture, it will be the same. Always. And once you have finished it, well it's finished. You can start it again but the results will be the same.

And this is why relationships are not like a puzzle. Exactly the same piece of puzzle fits with someone but does not with the other. You just can't start with the face if you don't know the background. And let's be honest, in most of the cases we don't even know what the whole picture will be. So where to start?

There are at least a million piece of puzzle laying pell-mell around me. As I'm starting to solve it I'm realizing that I'm making the same good old mistakes again in the hope that this is going to be different. Well, it might be or might not. But as long as I put together those pieces with the trust that it will be successful I believe there's a chance for this pic.

Picture by beyondtheskies


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I like the way you compare the puzzle.

Vic said...