Friday, January 1, 2010

Not enough

"It's just not enough" - the sentence still rings and echoes in the back of my head. While everyone had fun on the streets of New Year's Eve I hastened my paces to get back to a friend's house and continue celebrating. Dizzy and foggy enough from the couple of things I had, I made a phone call and somehow I started complaining. Without reaching the end of my speech I was interrupted and told: It's just not enough.

And BOOOM that really striking sentence revealed the thing my mind was around for days now.

It's going to be the motto for 2010.

It's just not enough! - to help motivating myself and never stop pursuing something bigger and better. And I'm not talking about cars, houses or tvs. It's more about those inner secrets that everyone has.

Happy New Year everyone!

Photo: Dances on water by pivan

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