Monday, May 17, 2010

From a dentist's chair

(Ok, it was just a wisdom teeth removal, but I hardly go to doctors so for me, yes, it was a big one)

I intended to think something positive. Some catchy, moving moment, that could carry me away from the chair of the dentist, from that rainy Monday, when such things as ’1 hour later’ or ’we go to the bar this night’ seemed miles and miles away.
Loaded with a dozen of such things I sat down with a bit of a despair in my eyes, the one you see in an animal’s eye when it is surrounded and stucked to the corner.

And then I tried. And tried. But couldn’t recall nothing that would saved me from those moments of massacre. So I asked the question: ’Is it how I live my life? Is it really that poor? Am I just trying to hide this fact with the weekday activities, have and havent's or is that really me?’

3 weeks later a girl told me she had come back from abroad for her boyfriend. She just cut the tape, and left everything behind...

Photo: Thinking by Fares4uae

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