Monday, January 18, 2010

Have, haven't

The last few days were spent with living my life as I always wanted. Okay, not exactly the coconut and martini-cocktail-sunshine stuff (it was cold, foggy and the snow is still falling) but the recognizing of my present status.
I'm healthy, I have a job, I'm financially independent, at the same time I can save some money, I'm playing football once or twice a week, I have some very close friends, I have just bought a super bicycle (more sport by the way) I've got plans for the future which I know I will reach, and at the top of it, tonight, I put together my very first Spanish text.

I have never been closer to happiness.

On the other side, I'm more worried of being left alone than losing all these.

Photo: happiness by win3r88


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

Keep the martini-cocktail for summer!

I am happy to read those good news about you. That's perfect! I am curius to know were are you working, and some of your future plans. Smart goals, for sure!

Congratulations for all those great results!

Vinz said...

Pretty post!