Wednesday, April 2, 2008


All of us must have clear aims in our life. Otherwise days will pass without meaning, lunchs will be tasteless, hugs will be cold and work will be boring. Having something or somebody to work for will make sunshine sweeter, dawns fresher, work more enjoyable.

For this glass of water life is easy. It's so clear that it has no reason to fear. Who could harm such pure thing? Who could say just one strong word about this delicate material?
I like to think that there are things like this in today's world. Thoughts without any back door intents, feelings without wounds. But as I experienced there are no Romeos and Juliets anymore. They died in the moment they were created. Instead; interest, ratio and counting.

Currently I'm looking for a thing which I could work for. Is it me? Is it you?

(Photo by Meltem Taner, Antalya)

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Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

That's true Viktor, you should feel that you are working for something and not jus for work.

Did you receive my postcard and... all the stuff?

Hugs for you!!!