Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bitter disillusionment

Wake up!
I did think that I'm special for you. I did like to think that I'm your number 1.
Wake up!
Roaming on the fields of your own imagination is dangerous. You should have known it by now.
Wake up!
There's only Homo Economicus around. Giving the smallest it's possible but expecting the biggest profit.
Wake up!
Romeo and Juliet died. Noone would cross rivers, countries or oceans for you.
Wake up!
What did you expect? Roses and pure feelings? Afternoon walks on the boulevard with sunny-light breeze? Pleasent talks in cafeterias? Watching as the world peacefully passing by? Thinking about your soft touch? Feeling your hand in my hand?

How naive.
Would you cross rivers, countries and oceans?
I would.

Photo from Veronika by someone...

1 comment:

Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

I also would like to cross rivers, countries and oceans. But by now, I haven't been able to do it...

So, for me, it would be enough with roses and pure feelings, afternoon walks on the boulevard with sunny-light breeze, pleasent talks in cafeterias, some pictures, watching as the world peacefully passing by, thinking about a soft touch, feeling a hand in my hand.

Economy is always here, but it is not the nicest thing. Don't be disillusionment.

Hugs for Vic!