Monday, April 28, 2008


Everything is relative.

1000 euro can be a fortune. Coins, if you need a million.

A city can be huge. Village, if you have something to hide.

A slap can hurt. Not, if you've deserved it.

An hour can be very long. Just a moment in the morning if you lie next to me.

What should not be relative is YOU.

Don't wait for the others.
Don't change for the others.
Don't position yourself to the others.

Do not expect a thing.

It's just you.
Accept a suggestion but think it over.
Accept a helping hand, but don't beg for it.


vero said...

thank you...for everything...for you to be a very niccceee thing on Earth:D

Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

What a surprise!!! Few days ago, I was writing something for my blog and finally, I didn't post it. It was very very similar to your current text. I have been thinking about why our last posts are (or could be so similar): abut the economy, about the relativity,...

One more thing, I'm in the Czech Republic and sometimes I think about you. When people is talking, it seem like hungarian (I hope it is not offensive for you).

Take care and, a lot of kisses!!


Vic said...

No, it's not offensive. More like funny. :) But I can tell you that it doesn't sound like that. :) 2 totally different language families. Enjoy your time in the Czech Rep.!

funduş said...

At last, I found your site..I am sorry for being late :( But it's fantastic and introduces us another Viktor! thank you, your writings are very impressive..go on please, it is a pleasure for me to read and if you need anything that I can do, please do not hesitate..

Vic said...

Thank you very much Fundus! Comments are very important for me. And, yeah, I do need something. Enjoy your time as an erasmus student!!

funduş said...

you are welcome, what ı said is REALLY true:) we won't be here 3weeks later, erasmus is almost to finish..!