Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts at lunch

With my stomach awfully full I leant back terribly satisfied after lunch. I was smiling like a small kid and didn't have a thing in my head. Words just wandered through my ears and I did not care about them. They were like small blews on your face when laying on the beach and enjoying the roar of the ocean.

Then I activated myself and from the state of siesta I turned my attention to the others.

She's a nice girl, oh look at that shoes, yes she always wearing those terrific yellow skirt, then he turned to her and said, after he broke up and run away before he wore again that shirt with a green Martian on it, in front of their eyes who said this and that and how crazy is who thinks she is nice and can get away with that and those which are of course, terrible things in the eyes of this and this, I like him but he shouldn't do this and those little annoying things, and he could take a bath some times, but really I do like him just these things are making me angry all the time I feel I can not spend not even one more minute with him, but really, I like him...

For the first time since months I felt I did not belong to this group.

And I felt very lucky that I could have that wondeful dinner. Some people are dying because of hunger out there.

Photo By Charles C. Ebbets: Lunch atop a Skyscraper, 1932


Anonymous said...

Dear Vic :)

This is one of my favourite pics. ;-)

Have a nice day ¤ Imo

vero said...

wow...that made me think!:o

Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

You have mentioned the state of siesta; what a feeling when you awake and "switch on" your attention. More or less as when you have finished a meal. We are lucky, it is something we should appreciate; if not, it means we are terribly cruel.

Perfect description of that moment.

Hugs from your old and temporary home.