Sunday, May 4, 2008


When the world conspirated against you,
When you miss everything,
The tram, the bus, the underground,
When just 1 minute, all you need,
And a good word,
When the last handrails are broken,
When you feel you are just standing
and watching as the things rush,
When chaos is pillaging in your mind
burning the sweet memories,

Lie down to the street and watch the blue sky.
And grab a beer. Tomorrow is close by.


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...

You are right, tomorrow is close by. But, when it will be that "tomorrow", soon or later? Sometimes, you have missed everything and you need a solution now, you can not wait till tomorrow. I know, we should be patient, somewhat will come. You lie down to the street and grab a beer. I have taken a Coke from Burmania's living room (from our machine) and have gone to walk arround the forest among Burmania and Mondria. I have been thinking a lot and have come back.

I wish you better luck for the coming week!

Vic said...

Yeah, luck is a bitch! :)