Monday, January 25, 2010


Exhausted after the previous hours, I stepped outside to the cold, January afternoon. Getting emotional by the linguidly shining sun, I took a long, melancholic breath.
But in that breath, I felt the very first day of school, the first fights, my failed chemistry test, those boring biology classes, the weekends when all I did was meeting friends and recharging my batteries for the week, the day when I almost cried because I didn't want to go, the final exam, the wonderful 4 years of college, parties, lakeside, flatmates, practice and now, this moment.

I've got my diploma.

Only three words existed for me;

Finally, Finally, Finally!

Photo: FREEDOM by amitrichard


Mireia Cantó i Pastor said...


vero said...

so no more studying? we're done? (ok, me not, but let it be hypothetical just for now;))
no more formal education? no more "get-out-of-the-bed-or-you-ll-be-late-from-school"? now we are out in the big-capital-Life? being forced to learn by ourselves, and there'll be no one to say if we got the test right or wrong?hmm...sounds great!:)