Friday, January 8, 2010

Midnight Whispers

- Ssssss, Can you feel it?
- Feel what?
- That you don't feel a thing. Nothing. And what's more, you're delighted that she's left.
- No, you're wrong again. I miss her and her touch, her smell and her..
- No no no mr, you miss the idea of her. The idea of being in love though you know that you weren't and wouldn't feel that way.
- Leave me alone I want to sleep!
- Well, I won't. In fact, I will sour your days and poison your coffe 'till you accept the truth.

Photo: Whisper by LaMusePhotography


Elegant Spirit said...

Love this :)

Sums up my feelings at present!


Vic said...

Glad to read that! :)